Phoenix Window Tinting and Detailing

Our team has been providing full-service auto detailing and window tinting since the early 1990’s. Past, present and new customers love bringing their old, used, and new vehicles for us to detail and window tint because they know we value their vehicle like it’s our own.

Phoenix Auto Detailing

At USA Collision detailing goes considerably beyond a typical car wash service to make a vehicle look immaculately clean, inside and out. It’s the preferred option for car enthusiasts who enjoy riding in a spotless, sparkling vehicle. It can also increase an automobile’s resale value. For expert car wash detailing that you can rely on, come to USA Collision and see for yourself why so many vehicle owners in the state have been visiting over 20 years. Not only can we provide first-rate service, our car detailing prices are extremely competitive in the valley for what we do!

Our exterior detail car wash service can remove contaminants from the paint surface, clean the engine, and add a wax finish that protects your vehicle for months. We’re also skilled at detailing the interiors of cars and trucks. The interior car detailing can include shampooing the carpet, cleaning the vinyl and leather portions of the vehicle, or applying some highly effective fabric protection.

Phoenix Window Tinting Experts

If you are looking to have your windows professionally tinted with the best film in the industry then look no further! From offering amazing heat and UV protection, enhancing your vehicles’ appearance, and increasing privacy for you and your passengers, window tinting is the most cost effective add-on for your vehicle with many benefits! All of our window films carry a manufacturer’s guarantee that will last as long as you own your vehicle with USA Collision.

Before having any vehicle tinted, there’s a great likelihood that you’ll wish to decide on a shade first. With several options to choose from, it may turn out to be a tougher decision than you’ve given credit for. Let’s talk a couple things that may influence your decision on selecting a window tint shade.

State window tinting laws may have a lot of influence in the tint shade you select. State window tint laws regulate what type of film is permissible to have installed on operating vehicles. While some states are more lenient on window tint shades, others are far stricter. For instance, a state like California will not allow any film darker than 70% VLT to be installed on the two front windows of a vehicle. For that reason, many California tint consumers may be guided to install a lighter film on their front windows than they would on their rear windows. Understanding the tint shade regulations in your state is highly recommended before getting your vehicle tinted.

Window tint shades are measured in units of VLT (visible light transmittance). This is the percentage of light that is visible from the outside looking in. For example, a window tint with a 50% VLT would be effectively letting in half the visible light. A window tint shade with a 5% VLT would allow only 5% of visible light to pass through (Most tint experts consider anything 5% VLT or lower to be limousine tint grade). Whenever you hear about a tint darkness percentage, you now know that the higher the percentage, the lighter the film.

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