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2015 Nissan 370Z

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Jimmy came to our repair shop through a referral. He was skeptical at first considering his 2015 Nissan 370Z was brand new with less than 1,400 miles. Once Dave talked to him and explained our process and how we differentiate ourselves from other Auto Repair Shops, he was confident in our ability to repair his vehicle. He had originally called the dealership but quickly realized their customer service wasn’t the same when he called us. After the repair was complete, we received this letter:

usa collision customer testimonial letter

1993 40th Anniversary Corvette


This 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette was a joy to work on. This car was purchased brand new in Florida and has been in the same family since that day. The car had been an afterthought for multiple years until it was passed down to the daughter who lives in Arizona.

After receiving the car from her father she decided she wanted to completely restore the 40th Anniversary Corvette. We went through the entire vehicle, exterior, interior, and mechanically to make sure it was like new from the factory. The customer couldn’t have been any happier with the finished product. She gave her gratitude to our team and explained that the car would be in their family for generations to come.

2006 BMW 325I



The front end damage on this BMW 325I was no minor collision. Alejandro, a longtime customer had to have his car towed in for repairs. Along with all the collision damage , we had some minor aluminum repair to perform to ensure everything was completed properly. During the repair process he asked if we could also “smoke” both the headlights and taillights. Of course we obliged and fulfilled his request.

His insurer Liberty Mutual wrote 54.4 hours of repair time. His bumper, grille, hood, and headlights had to be replaced because of the collision. After all the repairs were complete he was extremely excited to get his car back in Pre-accident factory condition.

2009 Acura TL

Unfortunately this 2009 Acura TL was hit from the side while pulling out of a parking spot at the grocery store. The vehicle at fault was not paying attention while texting on their phone. Once this Acura was towed to USA Collison we called both the customer and the insurance company. Progressive sent out an adjuster to assess the damage (Most major insurance companies will send out an adjuster if the damages are more than $2,500)

The Acura TL was hit so hard on the passenger side that it required a new Rocker and B Pillar to be sectioned inn. Both Doors had to be replaced and the quarter panel had to be repaired. Progressive wrote 90 hours of repair time for this accident. Once the vehicle was completely repaired the customer was extremely happy with the end result!


2012 Toyota Sienna Van

usa collision left frt damage to toyotausa collision toyota front end repaired
usa collision frt end damage to toyotausa collision toyota repair complete

This 2012 Toyota Sienna was in a front end collision during rush hour. Although from the photo the accident doesn’t seem to be that extreme we had to pull the vehicle apart to see the entire damage. After Nationwide Insurance inspected all the damage the right front frame rail had to be replaced because of the impact. In order to replace the frame rail the motor had to be completely removed.

The airbags surprisingly did not deploy on this collision. It took roughly 46.5 hours to repair the damage. After the repair was complete the owner was extremely satisfied with the end result, and the Sienna was returned to its Pre-accident factory condition.